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| Jai Gurudeva Dutta||

Sri Chidambarshrama welcomes you to

Chaturveda Samhita Yaaga

18th June – 02nd July 2008
Venue: “Rucheeka Nithya Yaaga Shaalaa”
Sri Chidambarashrama, Gubbi, Tumkur District. Karnataka, India
Contact: 08131 223443, 9449950954, 9886408381
www. chidambarashrama.org

Chaturveda Samhita Yaaga :
Unique features

  • Glorious sacrifice involving the incantation and oblations from 32,000 hymns from all the four Vedas

  • Inauguration of the specially crafted “Rucheeka Nitya Yaaga Shaala” ( Rucheeka daily fire worship centre)
    invocation of 64 varities of vedic music from Samaveda

  • Mystic experience through the deployment of sacrificial rites from the Atharva veda

  • An elaborate vedic ritual conducted continuously for 15 days under the auspicious of the ancient religious institution Sri Chidambarashrama at Gubbi

  • Vedic leadership for the sacrifice provided by the realized
    Vedic authority Sri Sri Nityananda Swamiji, founder of The centre for scientific Vedic studies, Chikmagalooru and several ancient Vedic sacrifices

  • Activity aimed at promotion of universal harmony and welfare of the world

  • Open to all those who are interested in pursuing and imbibing the Vedic experience in its purest form

  • Daily cultural programmes and discourses from renowned personalities

  • Forum for an interaction about every activity of the Vedic sacrifice and its validity with the authorities

  • Extensive coverage in the audio-visual and print media

  • Congregation of Vedic authorities, famous saints and leading spiritual personalities

  • Excellent opportunity for awakening and invoking one’s spiritual dimensions in the ambience of ancient hermitage

  • Free hospitality available for all the participants during the spiritual retreat



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