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About Sri Chidambarashrama, Gubbi

  • An institution founded in 1930s by His Holiness Chidambara Swamiji for promoting an integrated way of living based on ancient Indian heritage
Ashramada pamchavati
Chidambara Ashrama
  • Unique establishment providing free food to the needy and the guests at all times for over seven decades
  • Devoted to the revival and dissemination of Sanathana dharma (the eternal way of life)
  • Excellent educational complex with a synthesis of vedic and modern education
  • A serene centre of spirituality with lord Dattanjaneya temple at the centre
  • A residential vedic and Sanskrit school with about hundred students
  • Rural educational centre providing facilities for middle and higher secondary education to all the rural children in the neighborhood
  • Chidghana jnana prasaara, a knowledge centre equipped with full fledged Library and modern techonology facilities (Computers, broadband connectivity etc)
  • A monthly spiritual magazine “Seva Sadana” and other publications
  • “Ruchika Nitya Yaaga Shaala” providing for daily Vedic fire worship
  • Providing free education wih strong cultural roots and values derived from our ancient wisdom
  • About nine acres of green campus with the holy grove and emphasis on preserving the ecology and the environment
  • An institution devoted to the spiritual growth and enlightenment of all people without distinction of caste, creed or religion


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